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The new scene of the children’s musical theater of the young actor on pure ponds will open on May 15 with the musical Peppy Long Highlights according to the novel by Astrid Lindgren.

For the creation of the musical performance “Peppy of the Long -Chops”, artistic director of Dmtyua Alexander Fedorov, musical director Alla Tarasova and costume artist Elena Bochkova received the 2017 city of Moscow in the field of literature and art. The performance is designed for young spectators aged 6 years. The duration of the performance is 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission.

The new scene of Dmtyua is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment, and the auditorium accommodates up to 250 people. The floor is above, right above the main stage is a small scene – a chamber room with noise insulation, allowing you to play in the theater at the same time two performances. In total, up to 200 people can accommodate in the small hall.

The new theater building also has a training complex, which includes vocal classes and rehearsal halls. In the foyer of the theater is a cafe for spectators, and in the acting part – a cafe for young actors and employees.

For the theater, the new space will become not only a platform for showing performances that the audience has already loved, but also the place of implementation of new projects. In the next theater season, Dmtyua will present several bright premieres at once.

“Peppy Long -Holes” is one of the most popular performances in the repertoire of our theater, it is very fond of spectators and actors. It is played by artists of all ages, from the smallest to the most adults. The artistic director of the theater, Alexander Fedorov, says: “Peppy of the Long Littlecock” will be the first performance to be shown on the new stage of the theater, and this has a great responsibility for us. We are preparing, rehearsing, and very soon the Peppy of the Long Chugs will begin its new life on the stage of the theater on pure ponds. We invite all spectators to the play-musical. This is the extraordinary story of a fantaser girl. The performance will sound the magnificent music of our classic composer Vladimir Dashkevich and the wonderful text of Julia Kim. This is a big key to success! After the performance, the viewer comes out and sings the melodies of songs from this musical. «.

Children’s Musical Theater of a young actor invites viewers to performances for a new stage at Makarenko Street, 4, p. 1.

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