In early childhood, I was subjected to sexual violence from a relative. He threatened that if I tell my parents about everything, he would rape my younger sister. I was silent, said only many years later. My relatives did not believe me. I have been afraid of men for a long time, although I always dreamed of my cohesive family. Fell ill, fought for six years – one, there was nobody nearby. Probably, it was not necessary to argue with God: to die – it means to die. I can not find a job, the career does not work out, there is no personal life either. Nobody needs such a gift. I do not live, but I exist and I do not see the point in all this ..

Ekaterina, 30 years old

Catherine, in childhood, you survived the physical and psychological trauma, and she laid out an imprint on your entire future life. In order to cope with this, you need to contact a specialist – a psychologist or psychotherapist. Perhaps even in a specialized center, whose employees work with women who find themselves in similar situations. In such places, fears and doubts help to overcome and find just what you are so missing now: support and faith in yourself.

That person, your relative, violated your boundaries, trampled your integrity. And collect yourself again is a very difficult task. Few people cope with her on her own.

The world is your mirror. And now, when you have emptiness inside, there is no one around either

. But as soon as you begin to deal with yourself, new people, other feelings and emotions, love will begin to come to your life.

If you have not found support among loved ones, this does not mean that everyone around is indifferent. You can go to the Internet space. Register and communicate on forums where problems are discussed similar to yours. Take the first steps and you will understand that you are not alone. Women who survived something like that is as scary as you. Perhaps your new path will begin there. You can find new friends on the Internet, the main thing is not to go to your sink.

As for a career, this is a profit. Someone builds it in his youth, someone in adulthood. Do not give up. Start with trifles, with little joys. You are still young and can transform your space by painting it with different colors.

Apparently, you are a strong man, since they were alone with the disease and left this battle the winner. Now direct this power to help yourself.

If you are angry, then get angry so as to say to everyone around: “Do not wait!»And, overcoming all obstacles, again gain freedom and joy of life.

If you are in a depressive state, get to the right specialist.

If you are in a state of indifference and apathy, think: your perfect life in a year – what it is? And five years later?

Each of us can help ourselves, if only wants. In any even the most difficult situation, this is your choice: stay in the field of suffering or start changes for the better.

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