El personal de nuestra empresa está equipado con constructores cualificados , administración,
contabilidad, diseñado, arquitectura y un gran equipo complementario para ofrecerles también los mejores
acabados en azulejos y baldosas , puertas y ventanas, instalaciones de agua, luz, calefacción,
telecomunicaciones, cristalerías, cocina y complementos cómo chimeneas de diseño, jardín, todo lo que
usted necesite para tener la casa que desea.

Juan Luis Romero
Juan Luis Romero CEO Company
Diego Romero
Diego Romero CEO Company
Inma Atención al cliente
Noelia Administración
Ester Asesoramiento
Andrea Olivera
Andrea Olivera Arquitecta

Children’s Musical Theater of a young actor opens a new stage

The new scene of the children’s musical theater of the young actor on pure ponds will open on May 15 with the musical Peppy Long Highlights according to the novel by Astrid Lindgren. For the creation of the musical performance “Peppy of the Long -Chops”, artistic director of Dmtyua Alexander Fedorov, musical director Alla Tarasova…

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«Sexual recognition is more important than social»

Many of us want to like others, arouse respect and admiration. If this goal is achieved, as success will affect our attitude towards ourselves? Social psychologist offers an unexpected point of view. Psychologies: public recognition helps to raise self -esteem? Alexey Roshchin, Social Psychologist: It is generally accepted that these things are interconnected, but this…

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7 principles of conversation that will save marriage

The question «How did your day go?»Can cause discord and misunderstanding in pairs. What will help partners feel that they are heard and understand? When Stephen comes home from work, his wife Katie asks: “How did your day go, dear?»Further conversation is built like this. – At the weekly meeting, the boss doubted my product…

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«As a child, she was subjected to violence, there is neither a family nor work, I see no reason to live»

In early childhood, I was subjected to sexual violence from a relative. He threatened that if I tell my parents about everything, he would rape my younger sister. I was silent, said only many years later. My relatives did not believe me. I have been afraid of men for a long time, although I always…

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